Recent Research Publications

  1. A novel feature descriptor for image retrieval by combining modified color histogram and diagonally symmetric co-occurrence texture pattern
    by AK Bhunia, A Bhattacharyya, P Banerjee, PP Roy, S Murala - Pattern Analysis and Applications, 2019
  2. A novel method for determination of a time period for stabilization of power generation of microbial fuel cell with effect of microorganisms
    by S Singh, K Srinivasan, BY Chen, H Singh, A Goyal… - International Journal of Energy Research, 2019
  3. A variational theory of magnetic field dependent thermoelectric power of Anderson lattice model: An application to colossal magnetoresistive manganites (Re1-xAxMnO3)
    by S Panwar, I Singh - AIP Conference Proceedings, 2019
  4. An Atom‐Economical Approach to 2‐Aryloxypyridines and 2, 2'/2, 3'‐Diaryloxybipyridines via Ruthenium‐Catalyzed [2+ 2+ 2] Cycloadditions
    by P Kalaramna, D Bhatt, H Sharma, A Goswami - Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, 2019
  5. An Expeditious and Environmentally‐Benign Approach to 2‐Aryl/Heteroaryl Selenopyridines via Ruthenium Catalyzed [2+ 2+ 2] Cycloadditions
    by P Kalaramna, D Bhatt, H Sharma, A Goswami - European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2019
  6. Buoyancy-assisted flow of yield stress fluids past a cylinder: Effect of shape and channel confinement
    by SA Patel, RP Chhabra - Applied Mathematical Modelling, 2019
  7. Channel-based antenna synthesis for improved in-vehicle UWB MB-OFDM communications
    by A Sharma, IJG Zuazola, R Martnez, A Perallos… - IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation , 2019
  8. Curdlan limits Mycobacterium tuberculosis survival through STAT-1 regulated Nitric oxide production
    by S Negi, S Pahari, N Khan, JN Agrewala - Frontiers in microbiology, 2019
  9. Design of Passive Common Mode Attenuation Methods for Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive with Reduced Common Mode Voltage PWM Technique
    by K Jayaraman, M Kumar - IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, 2019
  10. Domain Adaptation based Topic Modeling Techniques for Engagement Estimation in the Wild
    by A Kaur, B Ghosh, ND Singh, A Dhall - 14th IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face & Gesture Recognition, 2019
  11. Effect of electroplated interlayers on properties of cold-sprayed copper coatings on SS316L steel
    by S Singh, S Chaudhary, H Singh - Surface and Coatings Technology, 2019
  12. Effects of surface texture parameters of cutting tools on friction conditions at tool-chip interface during dry machining of AISI 1045 steel
    by S Dhage, AD Jayal, P Sarkar - Procedia Manufacturing, 2019
  13. Effects of various loading on the performance of MEMS cantilever beam for in-field tuning of sensors and actuators for high temperature and harsh environment applications
    by MK Dounkal, RK Bhan, N Kumar - Microsystem Technologies, 2019
  14. Electrochemical Performance Enhancement of Sodium-ion Batteries Fabricated with NaNi1/3Mn1/3Co1/3O2 Cathodes using Support Vector Regression-Simplex Algorithm Approach
    by C Ruhatiya, S Singh, A Goyal, X Niu, TNH Nguyen… - Journal of Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage, 2019
  15. Fabrication and characterization of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) infiltrated Polyurethane (PU) foams for energy absorption applications
    by J Bhinder, P Agnihotri - Nanoscience and Technology: An International Journal, 2019
  16. FbHash: A New Similarity Hashing Scheme for Digital Forensics
    by D Chang, M Ghosh, SK Sanadhya, M Singh, DR White - Digital Investigation, 2019
  17. Fractional risk process in insurance
    by A Kumar, N Leonenko, A Pichler - Mathematics and Financial Economics, 2019
  18. Hydrogen induced blister cracking and mechanical failure in X65 pipeline steels
    by V Singh, R Singh, KS Arora, DK Mahajan - International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2019
  19. Localizing gradient damage model with micro inertia effect for dynamic fracture
    by Z Wang, AS Shedbale, S Kumar, LH Poh - Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 2019
  20. Metal–Organocatalyst for Detoxification of Phosphorothioate Pesticides: Demonstration of Acetylcholine Esterase Activity
    by A Singh, P Raj, A Singh, JJ Dubowski, N Kaur, N Singh - Inorganic Chemistry, 2019
  21. Modelling and Simulation Based Surface Characterization of Reverse-μEDM Fabricated Micro Pin-fins
    by H Kishore, R Nadda, CK Nirala, A Agrawal - Procedia CIRP, 2019
  22. Phenomenology of droplet collision hydrodynamics on wetting and non-wetting spheres
    by G Khurana, N Sahoo, P Dhar - Physics of Fluids, 2019
  23. Post-processing of Ni-Cr-Al 2 O 3 Thermal Spray Coatings Through Friction Stir Processing for Enhanced Erosion–Corrosion Performance
    by M Rani, G Perumal, M Roy, HS Grewal, H Singh… - Journal of Thermal Spray Technology, 2019
  24. Power Controlled Adaptive Range Radar for Self Driving Vehicles
    by R Singh, D Saluja, S Kumar - IEEE 89th Vehicular Technology Conference, 2019
    by A Kumar, R Das - International Heat Transfer Conference, 2018
  26. Probability of defect detection in pulse compression favourable frequency modulated thermal wave imaging
    by V Kher, R Mulaveesala - Electronics Letters, 2019
  27. Regiodivergent Aromatic Electrophilic Substitution Using Nitrosoarenes in Hexafluoroisopropanol: A Gateway for Diarylamines and p‐Iminoquinones Synthesis
    by I Chatterjee, S Pradhan, S Roy, S Ghosh - Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, 2019
  28. Self-sustained cascading coalescence in surface condensationr
    by CS Sharma, CWE Lam, A Milionis, H Eghlidi… - ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2019
  29. Single crystal plasticity defies bulk-phase mechanics in Isoniazid cocrystals with analogous coformers
    by JPA Yadav, RN Yadav, P Sihota, H Chen, C Wang…N Kumar…. - Crystal Growth & Design, 2019
  30. Solvent dependent, formic acid mediated, selective reduction and reductive N-formylation of N-heterocyclic arenes with sustainable cobalt-embedded N-doped porous Carbon Catalyst
    by AK Kar, R Srivastava - ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 2019
  31. Study of microstructure evolution, mechanical properties and hot corrosion behavior of friction stir processed boiler steel
    by S Singh, M Kaur, M Kumar, H Singh, S Singh - Materials Research Express, 2019
  32. The effect of local dissociation on dynamics of interacting molecular motors
    by L Gomes, T Midha, AK Gupta, AB Kolomeisky - Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 2019
  33. Trade liberalization and productivity of Indian manufacturing firms
    by B Goldar, I Chawla, SR Behera - Indian Growth and Development Review, 2019
  34. Triazole-Coupled Benzimidazole-Based Fluorescent Sensor for Silver, Bromide, and Chloride Ions in Aqueous Media
    by YG Ko, WS Na, N Singh, DO Jang - Journal of Fluorescence, 2019
  35. Understanding Collaborative Interaction for Varying Product Complexity
    by B Kumar, P Sarkar - International Journal of e-Collaboration (IJeC), 2018
  36. Understanding the role of Fischer–Tropsch reaction kinetics in techno‐economic analysis for co‐conversion of natural gas and biomass to liquid transportation fuels
    by AH Sahir, Y Zhang, ECD Tan, L Tao - Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining, 2019

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