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  1. A DEMATEL Approach to Evaluate the Enablers for Effective Implementation of Ecodesign in Sustainable Product Development: A Case of MSMEs
    by SP Kumar, S Prabir-InnovativeProduct Design and Intelligent Manufacturing Systems, 2020
  2. A Novel Forest Fire Detection System Using Fuzzy Entropy Optimized Thresholding and STN-based CNN
    by SB Avula, SJ Badri, G Reddy-International Conference on COMmunication Systems & NETworkS, 2020
  3. Additional repulsion reduces the dynamical resilience in the damaged networks
    by BK Bera-Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of NonlinearScience, 2020
  4. An Appliance Load Disaggregation Scheme Using Automatic State Detection Enabled Enhanced Integer-Programming
    by S Dash, R Sodhi, B Sodhi-IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 2020
  5. Analytical model for homocharge accumulation in LDPE—role of conduction, injection and diffusion
    by AK Upadhyay, CC Reddy-IEEE Transactionson Dielectrics and ElectricalInsulation, 2020
  6. Antibacterial Polymeric and Peptide Gels/Hydrogels to Prevent Biomaterial-Related Infections
    by K Malhotra, Y Singh-Racing for the Surface, 2020
  8. Crack Growth Simulation in Quasi-brittle Materials Using a Localizing Gradient Damage Model
    by A Negi, S Kumar-Advances in Fluid Mechanics and Solid Mechanics, 2020
  9. Design and synthesis of a novel coumarin-based framework as a potential chemomarker of a neurotoxic insecticide, azamethiphos
    by AKK Bhasin, P Raj, P Chauhan, SK Mandal, N Singh - New Journal ofChemistry, 2020
  10. Detoxification and Sensing of Organophosphate-Based Pesticides and Preservatives in Beverages
    by A Singh, P Raj, N Kaur, N Singh - Preservatives and Preservation Approaches in Beverages, 2019
  11. Effect of substrate surface roughness on properties of cold-sprayed copper coatings on SS316L steel
    by S Singh, H Singh, S Chaudhary, RK Buddu-Surface and Coatings Technology, 2020
  12. Hydrogen trapping potential of Ca decorated metal-graphyne framework
    by S Kumar, TJD Kumar-Energy, 2020
  13. Intelligent design optimization of battery pack enclosure for electric vehicle by considering cold‐spraying as an additive manufacturing technology “COLD‐SPRAY AS AN ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY”
    by SK Pal, S Singh, H Singh, ML Le Phung, S Yooyen...-Energy Storage, 2020
  14. Metal-free domino Cloke-Wilson rearrangement-hydration-dimerization of cyclopropane carbaldehydes: A facile access to Oxybis (2-aryltetrahydrofuran)derivatives
    by R Dey, S Rajput, P Banerjee-Tetrahedron, 2020
  15. Microfriction stir welding of AA 6061-T6 thin sheets using in-house developed fixture
    by R Nadda, M Babal, N Jalan, CK Nirala-Journal of Micromanufacturing, 2020
  16. Modelling and performance analysis of FFR-aided two layer aerial-terrestrial network
    by D Saluja,S Kumar-IET Communications, 2020
  17. Nitrosoarene-Catalyzed Regioselective Aromatic C–H Sulfinylation with Thiols under Aerobic Conditions
    by I Chatterjee, S Pradhan, S Patel-Chemical Communications, 2020
  18. Novel Analytical Approach for Estimation of Thermal Diffusivity and Effusivity for Detection of Osteoporosis
    by A Sharma, R Mulaveesala, V Arora-IEEE Sensors Journal, 2020
  19. On the Role of Interacting Particles and Limited Resources in the Regulation of Lattice Length Dynamics
    by AK Verma, N Sharma, AK Gupta-Journal of Statistical Physics, 2020
  20. Origin of enhanced carrier mobility and electrical conductivity in seed-layer assisted sputtered grown Al doped ZnO thin films
    by N Kumar, AH Chowdhury, B Bahrami, MR Khan...M Kumar-Thin Solid Films, 2020
  21. Structural rejuvenation of thermal spray coating through stationary friction processing
    by HS Arora,M Rani,G Perumal,M Roy, H Singh, HS Grewal-Surface and CoatingsTechnology, 2020
  22. Studies on Mixed Convection and Its Transition to Turbulence—A Review
    by S Gorai, SK Das-50 Years of CFD in Engineering Sciences, 2020
  23. Temperature Aware Adaptations for Improved Read Reliability in STT-MRAM Memory Subsystem
    by S Sethuraman, VK Tavva, K Rajamani...-IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, 2020
  24. The structure of water–DMF binary mixtures probed by linear and nonlinear vibrational spectroscopy
    by D Tomar, B Rana,KC Jena-The Journal of Chemical Physics, 2020
  25. Towards Dynamics and Control of Modular Reconfigurable Manipulators
    by A Dogra,SS Padhee,E Singla-Proceedings of the Advances in Robotics, 2019
  26. Understanding the Co: Mo Compositional Modulation and Fe‐Interplay in Multicomponent Sulfide Electrocatalysts for Oxygen and Hydrogen Evolution Reactions
    by R Srivastava, A Mukherji, R Bal–ChemElectroChem, 2020
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