Recent Research Publications

  1. A New Approach for Fabrication of Complex-Shaped Arrayed Micro Electrodes
    by CK Nirala, A Agrawal - Advances in Micro and Nano Manufacturing and Surface Engineering: Part of the Lecture Notes on Multidisciplinary Industrial Engineering book series, 2019 
  2. An ab initio study of reversible dihydrogen adsorption in metal decorated γ-graphyne
    by RY Sathe, S Kumar, TJ Dhilip Kumar - Journal of Applied Physics, 2019 
  3. An Atom‐Economical Approach to 2‐Triazolyl Thio‐/Seleno Pyridines via Ruthenium‐Catalyzed One‐pot [3+ 2]/[2+ 2+ 2] Cycloadditions
    by D Bhatt, PR Singh, P Kalaramna…Avijit Goswami - Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, 2019
  4. An Open Loop Fundamental and Harmonic Phasor Estimator for Single-Phase Voltage Signals
    by MV Reddy, R Sodhi - IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 2019
  5. Analysis of electrical discharge machining parameters for H13 steel using OVAT technique
    by G Singh, AS Bhui, M Singh - Engineering Research Express, 2019 
  6. Antibacterial PEG-Chitosan Hydrogels for Controlled Antibiotic/Protein Delivery
    by PK Sharma, M Halder, U Srivastava, Y Singh - ACS Applied Bio Materials, 2019
  8. Boron Lewis Acid-Catalyzed Regioselective Hydrothiolation of Conjugated Dienes with Thiols
    by G Kumar, ZW Qu, S Ghosh, S Grimme, I Chatterjee - ACS Catalysis, 2019 
  9. Boundary effects on the onset of miscible viscous fingering in a Hele-Shaw flow
    by A Kumar, M Mishra - Physical Review Fluids, 2019 
  10. Breast cancer detection using frequency modulated thermal wave imaging
    by A Sharma, G Dua, R Mulaveesala - The Imaging Science Journal, 2019 
  11. Dandelion-Like Carbon Nanotubes for Near Perfect Black Surfaces
    by V Ghai, H Singh, PK Agnihotri - ACS Applied Nano Materials, 2019
  12. Defect detection capabilities of independent component analysis for Barker coded thermal wave imaging
    by J Ahmad, A Akula, R Mulaveesala… - Infrared Physics & Technology, 2019
  13. Designing the interphase in carbon fiber polymer composites using carbon nanotubes
    by HS Bedi, PK Agnihotri - Procedia Structural Integrity, 2019
  14. DIF: Dataset of Perceived Intoxicated Faces for Drunk Person Identification
    by V Mehta, SS Katta, DP Yadav, A Dhall - International Conference on Multimodal Interaction, 2019 
  15. Effect of annealing parameters and activation top layer on the growth of copper oxide nanowires
    by V Chawla, N Sardana, H Kaur, A Kumar… - Applied Surface Science, 2019 
  16. Effect of hydrogen on short crack propagation in SA508 Grade 3 Class I low alloy steel under cyclic loading
    by R Singh, A Singh, PK Singh, DK Mahajan - Procedia Structural Integrity, 2019 
  17. Effect of single spark micro-EDM on crater size of different alloys
    by R Nadda, CK Nirala - IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 2019
  18. Electrical conductivity of a hot and dense QGP medium in a magnetic field
    by L Thakur, PK Srivastava - Physical Review D, 2019 
  19. EmotiW 2019: Automatic Emotion, Engagement and Cohesion Prediction Tasks
    by A Dhall - International Conference on Multimodal Interaction, 2019
  20. Energy level alignment and nanoscale investigation of a-TiO2/Cu-Zn-Sn-S interface for alternative electron transport layer in earth abundant Cu-Zn-Sn-S solar cells
    by Nisika, K Kaur, K Arora, AH Chowdhury…M Kumar - Journal of Applied Physics, 2019
  21. EPA: Exoneration and Prominence based Age for Infection Source Identification
    by SS Ali, T Anwar, A Rastogi, SAM Rizvi - Proceedings of the 28th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, 2019 
  22. Faster OTA Updates in Smart Vehicles using Fog Computing
    by K Fizza, N Auluck, A Azim, MA Maruf, A Singh - Proceedings of the 12th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing Companion, 2019 
  23. Fingering pattern induced by spinodal decomposition in hydrodynamically stable displacement in a partially miscible system
    by RX Suzuki, Y Nagatsu, M Mishra, T Ban - Physical Review Fluids, 2019
  24. Finite Element Analysis of Sheet Thickness and Force Variation in AA6063 During Single Point Incremental Forming
    by S Rai, H Kishore, HK Nirala, A Agrawal - Advances in Simulation, Product Design and Development: Part of the Lecture Notes on Multidisciplinary Industrial Engineering book series (LNMUINEN), 2020
  25. Hybrid Centrality Measures for Service Coverage Problem
    by A Singh, RR Singh, SRS Iyengar - International Conference on Computational Data and Social Networks: Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series, 2019
  26. Hydrogen Distribution in Metallic Polycrystals with Deformation
    by R Kumar, DK Mahajan - Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 2019
  27. Image and Video Super Resolution using Recurrent Generative Adversarial Network
    by O Thawakar, PW Patil, A Dudhane, S Murala… - 16th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal Based Surveillance, 2019
  28. Influence of Langmuir adsorption and viscous fingering on transport of finite size samples in porous media
    by C Rana, S Pramanik, M Martin, A De Wit, M Mishra - Physical Review Fluids, 2019
  29. In-situ Study of the Effect of Hydrogen on Fatigue Crack Initiation in Polycrystalline Nickel
    by A Arora, R Kumar, DK Mahajan - Procedia Structural Integrity, 2019
  30. Mean-field dispersal induced synchrony and stability in an epidemic model under patchy environment
    by T Verma, AK Gupta - Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 2019
  31. Modelling of Fatigue Crack Initiation in Hydrogen Charged Polycrystalline Nickel
    by R Kumar, D Meena, DK Mahajan - Procedia Structural Integrity, 2019
  32. Non-Newtonian Fluids Discgarge Trough Circular and Square Orifices From a Tank
    by M Khahledi, R Haldenwang, V Fester, R Chhabra - 19th International Conference on Transport and Sedimentation of Solid Particles, 2019
  33. Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Plasma Nitrided XM-19 Stainless Steel
    by S Dixit, RK Mishra, B Ganguli - Advances in Micro and Nano Manufacturing and Surface Engineering: Part of the Lecture Notes on Multidisciplinary Industrial Engineering book series, 2019
  34. Onset of rebound suppression in non-Newtonian droplets post-impact on superhydrophobic surfaces
    byP Dhar, SR Mishra, D Samanta - Physical Review Fluids, 2019
  35. Performance investigation of a solar thermal collector provided with air jets impingement on multi V-shaped protrusion ribs absorber plate
    by R Kumar, R Nadda, A Rana, R Chauhan, SS Chandel - Heat and Mass Transfer, 2019
  36. Poly (vinyl alcohol) foams reinforced with carbon nanotubes for stapedial annular ligament applications/a>
    by J Bhinder, PK Agnihotri - Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2019
  37. Pose Guided Dynamic Image Network for Human Action Recognition in Person Centric Videos
    by S Chaudhary, A Dudhane, P Patil, S Murala - 16th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal Based Surveillance, 2019
  38. Predominance of M2 macrophages in gliomas leads to the suppression of local and systemic immunity
    by A Vidyarthi, T Agnihotri, N Khan, S Singh, MK Tewari… JN Agrewala - Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy, 2019
  39. QoS in software defined IoT network using blockchain based smart contract
    by P Kamboj, S Pal - Proceedings of the 17th Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems, 2019
  40. Robust design of diffractive optical elements for forming flat-top beams with extended depth of focus
    by ANK Reddy, V Pal - Applied Physics B, 2019
  41. Scaling down of cobalt quantum-dots by colloidal route for non-volatile memory device application
    by M Yadav, RSR Velampati, D Mandal - Micro & Nano Letters, 2019
  42. Self-supporting thin Tin targets fabricated by ultra-high vacuum evaporation for heavy-ion induced reactions
    by A Sood, GR Umapathy, A Sharma, S Ojha, D Kabiraj…PP Singh - Vacuum, 2019
  43. Stochastic transport on flexible lattice under limited resources
    by AK Verma, AK Gupta - Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment, 2019
  44. Syntheses and Applications of 2‐Alkynylnitriles
    by D Bhatt, C Kumari, A Goswami - Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2019
  45. Systematic Studies of a Sapphire Bolometer with Phonon Pulses in the Temperature Range of 10–100 mK
    by A Garai, A Mazumdar, A Reza, H Krishnmoorthy… RG Pillay… - Journal of Low Temperature Physics, 2019
  46. Tuberculosis Vaccine: Past Experiences and Future Prospects
    by G Kaur, DK Das, S Singh, J Khan, M Sajid, H Bashir… JN Agrewala - Mycobacterium Tuberculosis: Molecular Infection Biology, Pathogenesis, Diagnostics and New Interventions, 2019
  47. Waste heat recovery from a biomass heat engine for thermoelectric power generation using two-phase thermosyphons
    by R Goswami, R Das - Renewable Energy, 2019

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