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  1. A Half-Cycle Fast Discrete Orthonormal S Transform based Protection-class μPMU
    by Y Bansal, R Sodhi - IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 2020
  2. A Novel Saliency-Based Cascaded Approach for Moving Object Segmentation
    by PW Patil​, ​A Dudhane​, ​S Murala​, ​AB Gonde​ - ​International Conference on Computer Vision and Image Processing​, 2020
  3. A Tale of Three - Tensionless strings and vacuum structure
    by A Bagchi​, A Banerjee, ​S Chakrabortty​, S Dutta… - ​Journal of High Energy Physics​, 2020
  4. Accessing Dihydro-1,2-oxazine via Cloke-Wilson type Annulation of Cyclopropyl Carbonyls: Application towards the Diastereoselective Synthesis of Pyrrolo[1,2-b][1,2]oxazine
    by P Kumar, R Kumar, P Banerjee - The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2020
  5. Adaptive analogue calibration technique to compensate electrode motion artefacts in biopotential recording
    by A Karmakar​, ​DM Das​, ​MS Baghini​ - IET Circuits, Devices & Systems, 2020
  6. An Automatic State Detection Algorithm for Non-intrusive Load Monitoring
    by S Dash, K Gandhi, ​R Sodhi​ - IEEE 16th India Council International Conference, 2019
  8. Analysis of interactions in totally asymmetric exclusion process with site-dependent hopping rates: Theory and simulations
    by A Jindal, T Midha, AK Gupta - Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 2020
  9. Asymmetric Organocatalytic Double 1, 6-Addition: Rapid Access to Chiral Chromans with Molecular Complexity
    by I Chatterjee, S Roy, S Pradhan, K Kumar - Organic Chemistry Frontiers, 2020
  10. Bactericidal characteristics of bioinspired nontoxic and chemically-stable disordered silicon nanopyramids
    by SK Saini, M Halder, Y Singh, R Nair - ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering, 2020
  11. Construction of 3D lanthanide based MOFs with pores decorated with basic imidazole groups for selective capture and chemical fixation of CO2
    by SS Dhankhar, CM Nagaraja – New Journal of Chemistry, 2020
  12. Coupled eigenfunction expansion–boundary element method for wave scattering by thick vertical barrier over an arbitrary seabed
    by A Choudhary​, ​S Koley​, ​SC Martha​ - Geophysical & Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics, 2020
  13. Design, Synthesis and Antimicrobial Evaluation of 1, 3, 4​-​ Oxadiazole/1, 2, 4​-​ Triazole​-Substituted Thiophenes
    by N Singla, G Singh, R Bhatia, A Kumar, R Kaur, S Kaur - ChemistrySelect, 2020
  14. Dirac fermion, cosmological event horizons, and quantum entanglement
    by S Bhattacharya, ​S Chakrabortty​, S Goyal - Physical Review D, 2020
  15. Effect of carbon nanotube doping on the energy dissipation and rate dependent deformation behavior of polyurethane foams
    by J Bhinder, PK Agnihotri - Journal of Cellular Plastics, 2020
  16. End-of-Primary Consolidation Parameters Using Inflection Point Method
    by R Moozhikkal, RG Retnamony - Géotechnique, 2020
  17. FACT-from actual to conceptual tie-ins: a multi-level knowledge graph structured on context and semantics of software artefacts
    by S Sharma, B Sodhi - Proceedings of the 35th Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, 2020
  18. FACt: FORTRAN toolbox for calculating fluctuations in atomic condensate
    by A Roy​, S Pal, ​S Gautam​, ​D Angom​… - Computer Physics Communications, 2020
  19. First Principles Design and Investigation of Siligraphene as a Potential Anode Material for Na-Ion Battery
    by N Yadav, B Chakraborty, TJ Dhilip Kumar - The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2020
  20. Governance, urbanization, and pollution: A cross-country analysis of global south region
    by DP Dash, SR Behera, DT Rao, ​N Sethi​… - Cogent Economics & Finance, 2020
  21. Heating of liquid foods in cans: Effects of can geometry, orientation, and food rheology
    by R Borah, S Gupta, L Mishra, RP Chhabra - Journal of Food Process Engineering
  22. High Torque/Ampere Direct Torque Control of Switched Reluctance Motor Drives
    by V Shah​, M Alam, S Payami - National Power Electronics Conference, 2019
  23. Interphase engineering in carbon fiber/epoxy composites: Rate sensitivity of interfacial shear strength and interfacial fracture toughness
    by HS Bedi, BK Billing, PK Agnihotri - Polymer Composites, 2020
  24. Intralayer Synchronization in Evolving Multiplex Hypernetworks: Analytical Approach
    by S Rakshit, BK Bera, EM Bollt, D Ghosh - SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems, 2020
  25. IoT-Driven Real-Time Monitoring of Air Pollution with Dynamic Google Mapping
    by Nikhil, M Kaur - Proceedings of International Conference on IoT Inclusive Life, Part of the ​Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems​ book series, 2020
  26. Low-Light Visible and Infrared Image Fusion in NSST Domain
    by AM Sharma, A Dogra, B Goyal, R Vig, S Agrawal - ​Proceedings of International Conference on IoT Inclusive Life​, Part of the ​Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems​ book series, 2020
  27. Mediating Effect of Attributional Biases in the Impulsivity–Aggression Relationship Among Adolescents: Therapeutic Implications
    by P Singh - International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, 2020
  28. Quality & Reliability Assessment of USB-PLL Clock Failure in Silicon Products
    by MK Pandey​, AK Sinha, PK Sharma, R Sharma - IEEE 21st Electronics Packaging Technology Conference, 2019
  29. Reliability Improvement in Clustering Based Vehicular Ad-hoc Network
    by R Singh, D Saluja, S Kumar - IEEE Communications Letters, 2020
  30. Reversible hydrogen adsorption in Li functionalized [1, 1] paracyclophane
    by RY Sathe, TJD Kumar - International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2020
  31. Ruthenium (II)-arene complexes containing ferrocenamide ligands: Synthesis, characterisation and antiproliferative activity against cancer cell lines
    by P Mandal, C Sonkar, ​SS Dhankhar​, CM Nagaraja… - Journal of Organomettalic Chemistry, 2020
  32. S2DNet: Depth Estimation from Single Image and Sparse Samples
    by P Hambarde, S Murala - IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging, 2020
  33. Synthesis and characterization of zinc oxide reinforced aluminum metal matrix composite produced by microwave sintering
    by N Kumar Bhoi, H Singh, S Pratap - Journal of Composite Materials, 2020
  34. Tempered fractional Poisson processes and fractional equations with ​Z ​ -transform
    by N Gupta​, ​A Kumar​, ​N Leonenko​ - Stochastic Analysis and Applications, 2020
  35. The normal complement problem and the structure of the unitary subgroup
    by S Kaur, M Khan - Communications in Algebra, 2020
  36. The role of dynamic defects in transport of interacting molecular motors
    by A Jindal, AB Kolomeisky, AK Gupta - Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment, 2020
  37. Triple Band Polarisation Sensitive Metamaterial Absorber for Terahertz Applications
    by P Jain, AK Singh, S Bansal, K Prakash, L Hadda…N Sardana - 7​ th International Conference on Signal Processing and Integrated Networks (SPIN), 2020
  38. Two-Dimensional MoS2-based Electrochemical Biosensor for Highly Selective Detection of Glutathione
    by B Rawat, KK Mishra, U Barman, L Arora, D Pal… - IEEE Sensors Journal, 2020
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