Recent Research Publications

  1. [3+ 3] Annulation via Ring Opening/Cyclization of Donor‐Acceptor Cyclopropanes with (un) symmetrical ureas: A Quick Access to Highly Functionalized Tetrahydropyrimidinones
    by IM Taily, D Saha, P Banerjee - European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2019 
  2. A framework based on fuzzy Delphi and DEMATEL for sustainable product development: A case of Indian automotive industry
    by P.K. Singh, P Sarkar – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2019 
  3. A Parametric Study on the Inception and Evolution of Underground Coal Fires Based on a Lab-Scale Experimental Setup 
    by J Li, P Fu, Y Mao, V Saini, E Sokol - Fire Technology, 2019 
  4. A Review on Noise-Induced Dynamics of Thermoacoustic Systems
    by L Kabiraj, N Vishnoi, A Saurabh - Dynamics and Control of Energy Systems, 2020 
  5. An EDA Complex Directed N-centred Radical Generation from Nitrosoarene: A Divergent Synthetic Approach
    by I Chatterjee, S Ghosh, G Kumar, N Naveen, S Pradhan - Chemical Communications, 2019  
  6. An Efficient Data Processing Approach for Frequency Modulated Thermal Wave Imaging for Inspection of Steel Material
    by K Kaur, R Mulaveesala - Infrared Physics & Technology, 2019
  8. An Open Loop Frequency Estimator for Adversely Distorted Signals Encompassing Interharmonics
    by Y Bansal, MV Reddy, R Sodhi - Electric Power Components and Systems, 2019 
  9. Analysis of Drone assisted Network Coded Cooperation for Next Generation Wireless Network
    by P Kumar, P Singh, S Darshi, S Shailendra - IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 2019 
  10. Analyzing Crosstalk-Induced Effects in Rough On-Chip Copper Interconnects
    by S Pathania, S Kumar, R Sharma - IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology, 2019 
  11. ATR-FTIR Spectroscopy and Its Relevance to Probe the Molecular-Level Interactions Between Amino Acids and Metal-Oxide Nanoparticles at Solid/Aqueous Interface
    by D Tomar, H Kaur, H Kaur, B Rana, K Talegaonkar…KC Jena - Advances in Spectroscopy: Molecules to Materials, 2019
  12. Characterization and comparison of copper coatings developed by low pressure cold spraying and laser cladding techniques
    by S Singh, P Singh, H Singh, RK Buddu - Materials Today: Proceedings, 2019
  13. Cutaneous Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition Activator ZEB1 Regulates Wound Angiogenesis and Closure in a Glycemic Status–Dependent Manner
    by K Singh, M Sinha, D Pal, S Tabasum, SC Gnyawali… - Diabetes, 2019 
  14. Design and development of an Internet-of-Things enabled wearable ExG measuring system with a novel signal processing algorithm for electrocardiogram
    by DM Das, A Vidwans, A Srivastava, M Ahmad… - IET Circuits, Devices & Systems, 2019 
  15. Effect of machining parameters on cutting force during micro-turning of a brass rod
    by S Singh, V Ghai, A Agrawal, H Singh - Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 2019 
  16. Effect of texturing and vertex angle on silicon based multilayer absorber
    by V Ghai, J Bhinder, PK Agnihotri, H Singh - Vacuum, 2019 
  17. Enhancing synchrony in multiplex network due to rewiring frequency
    by S Rakshit, BK Bera, J Kurths, D Ghosh - Proceedings of the Royal Society A, 2019
  18. Exploitation of donor–acceptor cyclopropanes and N-sulfonyl 1-azadienes towards the synthesis of spiro-cyclopentane benzofuran derivatives
    by K Verma, IM Taily, P Banerjee - Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2019 
  19. Extreme scale-dependent tensile properties of epoxy fibers
    by XM Sui, M Tiwari, I Greenfeld, RL Khalfin… - Express Polymer Letters, 2019
  20. Foreword: Special Section on Packaging and Interconnects: Cutting-Edge Solutions in Modeling, Design, and Characterization—Part I
    by M Telescu, X Gu, R Sharma - IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology , 2019
  21. Foreword: Special Section on Packaging and Interconnects: Cutting-Edge Solutions in Modeling, Design, and Characterization—Part II
    by M Telescu, X Gu, R Sharma - IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology, 2019 
  22. Functionalized Ionic Liquid-Based Electrolytes for Li-Ion Batteries
    by A Tiwari, TC Nagaiah, D Mandal, SN Chavan - Nanostructured Materials for Next-Generation Energy Storage and Conversion, 2019 
  23. Improving the Schedulability of Real-Time Tasks using Fog Computing
    by N Auluck, A Azim, K Fizza - IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, 2019
  24. Intralayer synchronization in neuronal multiplex network
    by BK Bera, S Rakshit, D Ghosh - The European Physical Journal Special Topics, 2019
  25. Introduction to Solar Energy: Systems, Challenges, and Opportunities
    by H Tyagi, PR Chakraborty, S Powar, AK Agarwal - Solar Energy, 2020
  26. Mathematical Modelling of Solar Updraft Tower
    by KVS Teja, K Garg, H Tyagi - Solar Energy, 2020
  27. Modulation Assisted Drilling of Inconel-718 Ni-based Superalloy
    by M Singh, H Singh - Materials Today: Proceedings, 2019
  28. Multispectral image demosaicking using limited MSFA sensors
    by M Gupta, P Goyal, M Ram - Nonlinear Studies, 2019
  29. On the transition of fracture toughness in metallic materials with thickness: An atomistic viewpoint
    by R Singh, DK Mahajan - Computational Materials Science, 2020
  30. Potential role of gut microbiota in induction and regulation of innate immune memory
    by S Negi, DK Das, S Pahari, S Nadeem, JN Agrewala - Frontiers in Immunology, 2019
  31. Predicting Group Cohesiveness in Images
    by S Ghosh, A Dhall, N Sebe, T Gedeon - International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), 2019
  32. Radiolabeled Cationic Peptides for Targeted Imaging of Infection
    by TA Aweda, ZFB Muftuler, AVF Massicano, D Gadhia, Anupam Bandyopadhyay - Contrast Media & Molecular Imaging, 2019
  33. Rapid laser solver for the phase retrieval problem
    by C Tradonsky, I Gershenzon, V Pal… - Science Advances, 2019
  34. Reduction of wave impact on seashore as well as seawall by floating structure and bottom topography
    by A Kaur, SC Martha - Journal of Hydrodynamics, 2019
  35. REFUGE Challenge: A Unified Framework for Evaluating Automated Methods for Glaucoma Assessment from Fundus Photographs
    by JI Orlando, H Fu, JB Breda, K van Keer, DR Bathula… - Medical image Analysis, 2019
  36. Scattering of obliquely incident water waves by a surface-piercing porous box
    by S Singla, H Behera, SC Martha, T Sahoo - Ocean Engineering, 2019
  37. Solution of the problem of propagation of water waves over a pair of asymmetrical rectangular trenches
    by A Kaur, SC Martha, A Chakrabarti - Applied Ocean Research, 2019
  38. Study of strongly nonlinear oscillators using the Aboodh transform and the homotopy perturbation method
    by K Manimegalai, PK Bera, P Bera, SK Das… - The European Physical Journal Plus, 2019
  39. Sulfonated graphitic carbon nitride as a highly selective and efficient heterogeneous catalyst for the conversion of biomass-derived saccharides to 5 -hydroxymethylfurfural in green solvents
    by T Chhabra, A Bahuguna, SS Dhankhar, CM Nagaraja… - Green Chemistry, 2019
  40. Sum-Frequency Generation Vibrational Spectroscopy: A Nonlinear Optical Tool to Probe the Polymer Interfaces
    by H Kaur, D Tomar, H Kaur, B Rana, S Chaudhary, KC Jena - Advances in Spectroscopy: Molecules to Materials, 2019
  41. Thermal Mixing of Impinging Laminar Streams of Shear-Thinning Fluids
    by A Maurya, N Tiwari, RP Chhabra - Heat Transfer Engineering, 2019
  42. Thermal neutron–induced γ-ray background in 124Sn
    by G Gupta, H Krishnamoorthy, A Garai, A Mazumdar… R.G.Pillay - Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 2019
  43. Thin layer activation analysis of 16O induced reactions for surface wear studies in some natural isotopes
    by VV Savadi, I Majeed, M Shuaib, VR Sharma, A Yadav, DP Singh, PP Singh - Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics, 2019
  44. Ultracold Rotational Quenching of NCCN Scattering with 3He and 4He
    by S Chhabra, A Kushwaha, R Kaur, TJD Kumar - Chemical Physics Letters, 2019
  45. Unsupervised Learning of Eye Gaze Representation from the Web
    by N Dubey, S Ghosh, A Dhall - International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), 2019

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