To strengthen the research support services and to provide the global perspective to researchers and the research data practitioners in India, a one-day workshop on research data management and the dataverse project is organized at IIT Ropar on November 04, 2019. The two international data management experts from Harvard University Library (i) Sonia Barbosa, Manager of Data Curation & Harvard Dataverse Repository & (ii) Ceilyn Boyd, Research Data Program Manager will be deliberating and providing hands-on exposure to the participants.


Research Data Management (RDM) aims to make the research process as efficient as possible, and meet the expectations and requirements of the institutes, researchers and research funders. Harvard Dataverse Repository is Harvard's online data repository in collaboration with Harvard Library, HUIT, and IQSS where researchers, scholars, institutions, and organizations can share, preserve, cite, explore, and analyze research data, free of charge.

The proposed workshop is intended to create awareness on RDM & Dataverse Repository among higher educational institutions in India.

Topics covered in the workshop includes:

  • Introduction to RDM
  • RDM Life Cycle
  • RDM at Harvard University Libraries
  • Dataverse Infrastructure at Harvard
  • Creating data repository using Dataverse
  • Data Curation, metadata management
  • FAIR Data Principles
  • Hands-on training on Dataverse
  • Implementing RDM at IIT Ropar and other Higher Educational Institutions in India: Some tips
Target Audience

Researchers, research data managers, research data practitioners and library professionals at large