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Publications Digest: April, 2021 

Sr. No. Publication

A comprehensive analysis of the trip frequency behavior in COVID scenario
by Bh Aaditya, TM Rahul - Transportation Letters, 2021

A Parallel Cyclic Reduction Algorithm for Pentadiagonal Systems with Application to a Convection-Dominated Heston PDE
by A Ghosh, C Mishra - SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 2021

An Analytical Frame Work to Design Planar Transmitting Array Antennas to Mitigate Lateral Misalignment in the Wireless Power Transfer Systems
by A Sharma, A Bharadwaj, VK Srivastava - IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, 2021

An approach to early stage detection of atherosclerosis using arterial blood pressure measurements
by K Jain, S Jain, A Guha, A Patra - Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, 2021

An Interaction Less Duo Control Strategy for Bi-polar Voltage Source Converter in Renewables Integrated Multi-Terminal HVDC (MTDC) Grids
by AS Kumar, BP Padhy - IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics, Drives and Energy Systems, 2020

Buoyancy effects in vertical 2-D and 3-D T-channels on the onset of flow reversal of power-law fluids in the side branch
by A Maurya, N Tiwari, RP Chhabra - International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 2021

Common Mode Impedance Shaping Choke to Attenuate the Conducted EMI in Three Phase Drive
by M Kumar, K Jayaraman - IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics, Drives and Energy Systems, 2020

Comparative performance of magnetorheological external finishing tools using different magnetic structures
by TS Bedi, R Kant - Materials Today: Proceedings, 2021

Density Functional Theory Study of Li-Functionalized Nanoporous R-Graphyne–Metal–Organic Frameworks for Reversible Hydrogen Storage
by RY Sathe, M Ussama, H Bae, H Lee, TJ Dhilip Kumar - ACS Applied Nano Materials, 2021

Distinct Modes of Tissue Expansion in Free Versus Earlier-Confined Boundaries for More Physiological Modeling of Wound Healing, Cancer Metastasis, and Tissue Formation
by A Kiran, N Kumar, V Mehandia - ACS Omega, 2021

Droplet collision and jet evolution hydrodynamics in wetting modulated valley configurations
by S Agrawal, G Khurana, P Dhar - Physics of Fluids, 2021

Effect of Salinity on Moisture Flow and Root Water Uptake in Sandy Loam Soil
by S Kumar, I Sonkar, V Gupta, KS Hari Prasad, CSP Ojha - Journal of Hazardous, Toxic , and Radioactive Waste, 2021

Effect of Sinusoidally Varying Flow of Yield Stress Fluid On Heat Transfer From a Cylinder
by S Gupta, S Patel, RP Chhabra - Journal of Heat Transfer, 2021

Elastic instabilities and bifurcations in flows of wormlike micellar solutions past single and two vertically aligned microcylinders: Effect of blockage and gap ratios
by MB Khan, C Sasmal - Physics of Fluids, 2021

EWS: Exponential Windowing Scheme to Improve LoRa Scalability
by D Saluja, R Singh, S Gautam, S Kumar - IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 2021

Experimental study of a combined biomass and solar energy-based fully grid-independent air-conditioning system
by G Singh, R Das - Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy, 2021

Experimental Study on a New Small-Scale Absorption System: Response Surface and Inverse Analyses
by G Singh, R Das - Journal of Energy Resources Technology, 2021

FakeBuster: A DeepFakes Detection Tool for Video Conferencing Scenarios
by V Mehta, P Gupta, R Subramanian, A Dhall - 26th International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces, 2021

Fine-finishing of stepped cylindrical workpiece using magnetorheological finishing process
by AS Rana, TS Bedi, V Grover - Materials Today: Proceedings, 2021

First-principles study of 2-dimensional C-silicyne monolayer for promising anode in Na/K ion secondary battery
by N Yadav, B Chakraborty, DTJ Kumar - Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2021

Flow of Power-Law Fluids Past a Rotating Cylinder At High Reynolds Numbers
by P Thakur, N Tiwari, RP Chhabra - Journal of Fluids Engineering

Frequency Modulated Thermal Wave Imaging for Infrared Non-destructive Testing of Mild Steel
by A Rani, R Mulaveesala - MAPAN, 2021

Influence of injection and holding pressure on tribological and mechanical behavior of injection moulded thermoplastic
by R Yadav, A Pancharya, R Kant - Materials Today: Proceedings, 2021

Influence of Thickness of Hydrophobic Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Coatings on Cavitation Erosion of Hydro-machinery Steel SS410
by A Bansal, J Singh, H Singh, DK Goyal - Wear, 2021

InfraRed image correlation for non-destructive testing and evaluation
by A Rani, V Arora, R Mulaveesala - Proceedings Volume 11743, Thermosense: Thermal Infrared Applications XLIII, 2021

Inverse Power Law based Inclusive Life Model for DC Polarity Reversal Stresses
by C Lyyappan, CC Reddy - IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, 2021

Investigating slurry erosion behavior of a hydro-machinery steel under various impingement variables
by A Bansal, J Singh, H Singh - Materials Today: Proceedings, 2021

Investigation of Limitations in Active Damping Control of LCL Filter Resonance using Inverter Side Current Feedback in Grid Connected Voltage Source Converter
by S Muddasani, AVR Teja - IEEE Texas Power and Energy Conference, 2021

Phase stability and microstructural evolution of Ti2AlNb alloys-a review
by K Goyal, N Sardana - Materials Today: Proceedings, 2021

Pole skipping and chaos in anisotropic plasma: a holographic study
by K Sil - Journal of High Energy Physics, 2021

Predicting women with depressive symptoms postpartum with machine learning methods
by S Andersson, DR Bathula, SI Iliadis, M Walter, A Skalkidou - Scientific Reports, 2021

Prediction of Heat-Generation and Electromagnetic Parameters from Temperature Response in Porous Fins
by R Das, B Kundu - Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer, 2021

Pressure-Driven Membrane Process: A Review of Advanced Technique for Heavy Metals Remediation
by B Verma, C Balomajumder, M Sabapathy, SP Gumfekar - Processes, 2021

R-Comm: A Traffic Based Approach for Joint Vehicular Radar-Communication
by R Singh, D Saluja, S Kumar - IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Vehicles, 2021

Reductive Formylation of Nitroarenes using HCOOH over Bimetallic C‐N Framework Derived from the Integration of MOF and COF
by R Srivastava, AK Kar – ChemCatChem, 2021

Relieving the Stress Together: Annulation of Two Different Strained Rings Towards the Formation of Biologically Significant Heterocyclic Scaffolds
by AK Chauhan,A Ghosh, R Dey, P Banerjee - Chemical Communications, 2021

Solar Interfaced Series Inverter with Provision of Common DC bus Grounding
by BK Gupta, SR Kondapalli, AI Gedam - IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 2021

Squaramide Catalyzed Asymmetric Synthesis of Five‐and Six‐Membered Rings
by I Chatterjee, A Biswas, A Ghosh, R Shankhdhar - Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2021

Superflexible, Self-Biased, High-Voltage-Stable, and Seal-Packed Office-Paper Based Gallium-Oxide Photodetector
by K Arora, K Kaur, M Kumar - ACS Applied Electronic Materials, 2021

Synchrotron x-ray diffraction studies of the α⇌ β structural phase transition in Sn and Sn-Cu
by A Mazumdar, A Thamizhavel, V Nanal, RG Pillay… - Scripta Materialia, 2021

Unstable miscible displacements in radial flow with chemical reactions
by MC Kim, S Pramanik, V Sharma, M Mishra - Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2021

Use of Cuckoo Search Algorithm for Performance Evaluation of Split Elliptic Shaped Fins for Enhanced Rate of Heat Transfer
by A Ranjan, R Das, S Pal, A Majumder, M Deb - Journal of Heat Transfer, 2021

User authentication using Blockchain based smart contract in role-based access control
by P Kamboj, S Khare, S Pal - Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications, 2021

Vinylogous Aza‐Michael Addition of Urea Derivatives with p‐Quinone Methides Followed by Oxidative Dearomative Cyclization: Approach to Spiroimidazolidinone Derivatives
by N Kaur, P Singh, P Banerjee - Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, 2021

Viscous fingering of miscible annular ring
by V Sharma, HB Othman, Y Nagatsu, M Mishra - Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2021